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About us

About us

Balkan Enforcement Initiative is an active club of official national organizations of judicial officers as licensed legal professionals, established in order to advance the positive effects, and the overall social significance of efficient and fair debt collection practices in the Balkan region.

The Initiative members are: the Albanian Chamber of Private Bailiffs, the Chamber of Enforcement Agents of the Republic of Macedonia, the Chamber of Judicial Officers of Montenegro, and the Serbian Chamber of Judicial Officers.

Balkan Enforcement Initiative acts as a clear voice of the profession dedicated to elevating the standards of enforcement, the judicial officers’ compliance with both their national codes of conduct, and well established international standards, ensuring that all of its members provide not only an effective enforcement service that enables creditors to recover their judgments, but also to secure that all parties to enforcement are treated in a fair, ethical and proportionate manner.

Balkan Enforcement Initiative was officially formed in Belgrade, on July 6 2018, by signing of the Memorandum of Cooperation of Balkan Chambers of Judicial Officers.

The structure

Balkan Enforcement Initiative consists of two management levels: the Council and the General Secretary.

The Council

The Council is the Initiative's supreme entity addressing all issues relevant to its operation. The Council is constituted by statutory representatives of all member Chambers.

The Council meets at least twice a year, at its regular Spring and Autumn sessions, and reaches its decisions unanimously.

General secretaryThe General Secretary is the Initiative's statutory representative and its Chief Administrative Officer.

The incumbent General Secretary of the Balkan Enforcement Initiative is Damir Šite, a judicial officer from the Republic of Serbia.