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Judicial officer

A judicial officer

The profession of self-employed judicial officers was introduced to the Western Balkan region in 2006, with the formation of the Macedonian Chamber of Enforcement Agents.

As professionals whose conduct is thoroughly regulated by national legislations, based on clear guidelines established by the Council of Europe, and its Strasbourg Court of Human Rights, Balkan judicial officers have become recognized for their efficiency and strictness in the implementation of enforcement laws.

Since their liability for any misconduct in enforcement affects their personal assets, and considering that their income rests predominantly on efficiency in debt collection, Balkan judicial officers have become a good example of respectable and competent professionals, able to respond to any of the challenges national enforcement procedures place in front of them.

Every judicial officer in the Western Balkan region is a qualified lawyer with a high academic degree in law (equivalent to master in laws – LL.M.), with a compulsory post qualification experience in enforcement, has successfully passed the state enforcement exam, and in some jurisdictions even a mandatory bar exam.