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Meeting with President Sannino

Meeting with President Sannino

Meeting with President Sannino

On April 17, 2019, in Tirana, the Republic of Albania, the Balkan Enforcement Initiative had a meeting with the president of the French National Chamber of Judicial Officers (Chambre Nationale des Huissiers de Justice) Mr. Patrick Sannino.

The participants to the meeting were the representatives of the French National Chamber of Judicial Officers, president Patrick Sannino, Mrs. Iva Peni-Trouillas, international relations and European affairs officer, and Mr. Stephan Hubert, member of the Board of the French National Chamber of Judicial Officers, with the representatives of the Balkan Enforcement Initiative,  Mrs. Aleksandra Tresnjev, president of the Serbian Chamber of Judicial Officers, Mr. Tedi Malaveci, president of the Albanian Chamber of Private Bailiffs, Mr. Zoran Dimov, president of the Chamber of Enforcement Agents of Macedonia, Mr. Vidak Latkovic, president of the Chamber of Judicial Officers of Montenegro, and Mr. Damir Site, General-Secretary of the Balkan Enforcement Initiative.

The meeting was dedicated to issues related to furthering the so far good relations national Balkan chambers of judicial officers already have established with the French national chamber related to the support which the oldest professional organization of self-employed judicial officers can provide to the regional projects of the Balkan Enforcement Initiative members.

In this respect, apart from expressing unequivocal overall support to the joint endeavors of the Balkan Enforcement Initiative members, president Sannino categorically specified the French National Chamber’s willingness to assist the upcoming Balkan Enforcement Conference, which is scheduled for mid-October 2019 on the Montenegrin Coast.

The meeting participants jointly confirmed the genuine interest their organizations have in furthering joint future cooperation and expressed their dedication to advance their professional relationship on a number of additional areas of activities.

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