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Memorandum of Cooperation signed in Belgrade

Memorandum of Cooperation signed in Belgrade

Memorandum of Cooperation signed in Belgrade

The founding members of the Balkan Enforcement Initiative signed the first quadrilateral agreement of cooperation encompassing their national chambers, in the conference hall of Serbia Palace in Belgrade, on July 6, 2018.

In the welcome address to the signing ceremony, the president of the Serbian Chamber of Judicial Officers, Mrs. Aleksandra Trešnjev, stressed that the Memorandum signatories are coming from jurisdictions which, though not yet members of the EU, and maybe even so due to that fact, have to create a more interactive business environment. In her opinion one of the prevailing reasons why the current trade level in the region is to be regarded as underdeveloped, though it covers a population of over 12 million, might be detected in rather onerous and time consuming cross-border debt collection procedures.

Speaking on behalf of all the signatories’ statutory representatives, she highlighted that the Balkan Enforcement Initiative, created by the signed Memorandum of Cooperation, offers its utmost assistance in achieving that goal.

Mrs. Jelena Deretić, assistant to the Serbian minister of justice, in her address noted that the Serbian Ministry of Justice, having in mind that the Republic of Serbia has signed bilateral agreements of judicial assistance in civil and criminal matters with the Republic of Macedonia and the Republic of Montenegro, and also being highly interested in signing a similar legal document with the Republic of Albania, simultaneously supports the idea of creating a unique legal instrument which would expedite cross-border enforcement in the region.

Mrs. Ljubica Milutinović, deputy president of the Serbian Supreme Court of Cassation, reminded the signing ceremony’s guests that this is not the first occasion on which the topic of a regional enforcement title is being drawn to the general attention, and that almost a decade ago a similar instrument was drafted, which speaks of the importance such ideas have in the region. In conclusion, she highlighted that the Supreme Court of Cassation of the Republic of Serbia gives its unequivocal support to the Balkan Initiative in furthering this idea.

The signing ceremony was honoured with the attendance of a number of esteemed guests, including Serbian Ministry of Justice, Serbian Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, the Supreme Court of Cassation of the Republic of Serbia, the Commercial Court of Appeal of the Republic of Serbia, Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Serbian Bar Association, National Alliance for Local Economic Development, Association of Serbian Banks, USAID, GIZ, and the Foreign Investors Council.

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